• I managed to get 4 legends into this shot, Don Johnson, Ray Price, Steve and Larry McBride.

My Philosophy

Share with the world the fun I have hauling those cameras around in Florida heat. Nothing beats getting up early and catching a sunrise and watching wildlide in their routine. Our first love is photographing drag racing, but why let the equipment sit between races attended.

Each weekend and some days during the week I load up 2 cameras and some bottled water and head to locations that provise scenery and wildlife. Every day is different in the results. That makes you anxious to go out again.

Our personal favorite is Professional Dragbike racing. Capturing the power with the cameras of a nitro burning Top Fuel or Pro Drag racebike is a thrill and a experience that is beyond words.Our galleries have several events for viewing or purchasing.
For the past few years I have been fortunate with the friendship of a major corporation that has a NHRA Pro Stock car and a Pro Mod team and related Sportsman teams with access to racers and the cars for time with my cameras.I proudly display their logo with a link for those who may want to look at the online catalog and possibly buy parts for a racecar or hot rod.

Always hunting for the perfect photo!

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